Love Falmouth is our local mission arm of Falmouth Light and Life, and as an individually registered charity, we are able to do much more through this.  Our vision is to enable communities and individuals in Falmouth to thrive.  We believe that everyone has a God-given potential that needs to be realised. Therefore, our mission is to enable people from different socio-demographic groups to become spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically whole.  We do this through targeted, specific projects and initiatives and as a result, we believe we will see our community transformed and thriving. Our aim is that through these targeted projects and initiatives, we can make a positive impact in our community.  

We currently facilitate a number of projects in our community that work with school students and families that focus on social wellbeing and social welfare.  This includes our school Chaplaincy Project, Family Time and No Child Without initiatives such as Love Christmas and our Back to School Pop-up.  Find out for about these projects, our impact and our website below. 


OUR 2021/2022 IMPACT

 LF -  Love Falmouth 2021 Impact Report (Postcard).png