About us

'everyone, everyday, everywhere bringing the life of Jesus to Falmouth and beyond'
Our Vision

As part of God's plan to bring the life, justice and redemption of heaven to earth in the finished work of Jesus, we believe God has given us a vision of 'everyone, everyday, everywhere bringing the life of Jesus to Falmouth and beyond'.


Your Vision​


God has gifted us each uniquely and speaks to each of us as individuals and gives us His heart for different things. As you journey with us, we would love to hear how God is specifically calling you to walk out the vision that He has given us as a community. We believe that the expressions of our vision and values as a community will be as varied and as many as the dreams that He puts in our hearts and we want to hear about them!




We have some core Kingdom values that help us to shape all that we do as a Church family. These values underpin and shape the way that we walk out the vision that God has specifically given us for Falmouth and beyond.To sum up these values we are: 'a growing, faith-filled family, living for Jesus and His Kingdom.'

​​Here are some words that give more detailed understanding of what this looks like for us:

​Healing, unity, creativity, discipleship, faith, prophecy, blessing the nations, justice, intentionality, testimony, welcome, honour, hospitality, family, celebration, freedom, serve the poor, His presence, extravagant giving.

Policy Notice 

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If you have any concerns or require any further information, please contact Jennifer.  We will regularly update this policy and will let you know if there are any major changes. 

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